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About Steve Banks

Because Mr. Banks was born and raised in Iowa, he knows the hardworking attitude and values of his fellow Iowans. Now with his own law practice Mr. Banks works to assist Iowans with their legal needs.

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We are happy to arrange offsite and afterhours appointments, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment

Civil Litigation

disputes between two or more individuals or entities desiring to seek damages from the offending party

Family Law

Family Law involves dissolution of marriage, issues of custody and support as well as adoption, paternity and parental rights

Personal Injury

Personal Injury involves legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible

Workers' Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Act is a part of the Iowa Code designed to provide certain benefits to employees who receive injury during the course of their employment

Real Estate

Real Estate is law relating to anything involving land, property, leasing, boundaries, and the purchase, appraisal, or sale of land or property

Wills, Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure that their final property and health care wishes are honored, and Probate is the process by which the affairs of the deceased are settled.

Wills & Estate Planning

A Will is someone's last wishes for their property, and assets, and the desire for who should have the care of any minors under their guardianship


The legal process of transferring and finalizing assets and property someone who has passed on leaves to their beneficiaries in their will

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